Why Animas High School?

Through junior high at mountain Middle School, I had felt very at home with the learning style and overall enjoyed my experience there. The school was based on a format originating from a California school called High Tech High. Naturally, since Animas High was the same format, I wanted to go there to stick with the trend of evolved learning.

My extra-curricular activities were very diverse in terms of which school my peers went to, since Durango is such a small town, and so, of course, there was an occasional quarrel about which school was better. At first, I thought that Durango High might be a better school, but then I thought about the culture. Both of my older sisters went to Animas in the past, and they always came home talking cheerfully about how nice everyone was, including the teachers. Through this, I met most of the teachers as well, and in the end, I decided that it was best if I went to AHS.

Proudest Work

Above: final utopian film titled: 


Utopian film/ visual aide

Over the course of this project, we were reading and learning about utopias as opposed to dystopias in Humanities.  For example, we were reading a book title "Brave New World" which explored a world which was said to be a utopia, and it followed the everyday lives of a few characters. This inspired me to create a peek into a society which I created in video form with Adobe Premire Pro.

Dark Matter end semester Project

In this project, we took the entire semester to research a topic of our own personal interest, and write a ten page paper on it (attached right). I decided to research the topic of dark matter, the invisible form of matter which holds galaxies together. one of my peers, Jem van Tyn, also researched this topic, and so we decided to collaborate on the endo of the semester presentation on our topic (linked below).